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Are you sure that America is Obese?

No really...what's the deal?
I go online to my favorite store and find a cute top. Me and my giddy self hit the select size button, and get smacked in the face with XL and XXL! What?? And so I thought ok, maybe it's just this one top that average sized people are obsessed over...but no! 75% of the tops and dresses I browsed through ( and i browsed through them all), were either in XS, XL, or XXL! Now, here I am, a plain old Medium...and I can't seem to find anything to wear?!
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Grunge Metal Tags

So I made these a long time ago and never got around to posting them. They are grungy metal tag pieces. You can use them in a lot of ways like banners, signature tags, and even scrap books. I hope you enjoy them. These will not be pw protected becuz they are not as popular yet. Anyway, I have another set but they are pretty different.
Still working on brushes and texture sets for you guys. Sorry i know it takes me forever to make these things bcuz I don't do it that often.
Also, tomorrow I'll post the new tutorial for coloring in PSP that I made today. Hopefully, it will help some people out there, even though they never say "thank you".

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School's Out

So yea, had my last final yday. Now I just have to wait for the grades to come out and I can finally relax a bit. Expect some new stuff this week since I have nothing else to do anyway.

I've been on a wallpaper making craze these days. Mostly sceneries. So if anyone's interested feel free to ask. Ummmm....yea idk what else to say except that i have nothing to do for 4 months...
I might Password protect some of my textures or brushes becuz already a lot of ppl have dled them and only a few have said thank u. So, just letting you know.
Ok, take care everyone :)